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日本政府観光庁認定 通訳案内士  永田 信明(ながた のぶあき) Nobuaki Nagata
Japan Natinal Tourist Office approval
Kyoto Sightseeing with An Owner-Driver Taxi Driver
who has the license of tour guide.
Nagata Kyoto tour
My dream came true!

 I have guided as a taxi driver without license for more than 15years.But I realized that I need to study more to become an excellent guide.
 For a long time, I have dreamed to become a Government licensed tour guide.I studied hard to pass the 4 tests which are Japanese history, culture, geography and of course, English comprehension.

 I obtained a Government license of tour guide. Now I can explain you the profound cultural and historical background.I will conduct you inside the precinct of each place, and explain the details in English.
 Please enjoy the most beautiful city in Japan with a licensed guide/taxi driver!

 I do my best to live up to your expectations.

My policy
 My motto is OMOTENASHI(hospitality).
 OMOTENASHI is provided with 3S such as Service, Safety and Satisfaction.Furthermore, the profound knowledge of both Nara and Kyoto is a basis to pursue these 3S.Even now I keep studying about sightseeing of Kyoto and Nara to improve my guiding technique.
 In addition, My Japanese visitors use me to visit off-the beaten tracks.(Most of them are repeaters.)
 When you use a licensed guide, you need to pay guidance-charge as a general rule along with car charge. But as for me, I ask you only car charge, so guidance-charge is unnecessary.
 Please enjoy sightseeing by relaxing in my comfortable car.

 You are covered under Japanese Accident Insurance Policy.
(I have been proud of accident free driving)

Car Rate 6,980JPY/an hour/a car. My car is a Van for 6 passengers.
5H 5.5H 6H 6.5H 7H 7.5H 8H 8.5H 9H
34,900JPY 38,390JPY 41,880JPY 45,370JPY 48,860JPY 52,350JPY 55,840JPY 59,330JPY  62,820JPY
mail to:tikodogno1@gmail.com
phone to:090 1076 8788
 通常通訳ガイドを使われた場合、タクシーの貸切料金と別に英語通訳ガイド料金が必要ですが、 私はタクシー貸切運賃だけでご案内しておりますので、かなり割安です。
 勿論ガイドとしての勉強もしてきておりますので、歴史的背景、文化等もご案内させていただきます。 本当の京都をお楽しみ下さい。(寺院などにお客様とご一緒させていただき、英語でご案内ご説明致します。)

観光貸切運賃(1台の料金 お客様6名様までご乗車可)
時間 時間半 時間 時間半 時間 時間半 時間 時間半 時間
34,900 38,390 41,880 45,370 48,860 52,350 55,840 59,330 62,820
予約お申込み・お問い合わせは tikodogno1@gmail.com
電話:090 1076 8788

“Fantastic experience”

Today we took a 7-hour tour with Mr. Nobu Nagata.

I cannot say enough about what a great experience it was for my family (me, wife, daughters (17, 18) and mother. Worth every penny.

Mr. Nagata was very professional, yet down-to-earth. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

We had been to Kyoto before, but the kids had not.

While we had full control of the itinerary and wanted the kids to see some of the well-known sights (Golden Pavilion, Sanjusangendo, Fushimi Inari), the best spots were the ones we allowed Mr. Nagata to choice. For example, he steered us away (no pun intended) from Ryoan-ji, to another temple with better Zen gardens and almost no people.

He also knew the best times to bit the popular sights to minimize the crowd.

Will definitely hire him again, if I come back, and let him do all the selections!

                           From Mr. Richard Ohye


“Beautiful Kyoto Guided by Excellent Nobu”

Our guide Nobu made our Kyoto adventure PERFECT.

We are a family of 6 that includes 3 children (ages 7-15).

We are on week 2 of our trip that included Korea. Frankly, I was tired of planning.

I told Nobu show us Kyoto with limit of 1 temple/shrine per day.

He planned a perfect 2 day trip that my family thoroughly enjoyed.

Zero planning on my end. Nobu offers a very comfortable, clean spacious car.

He is very knowledgeable about Kyoto and history of Japan.

He is prompt and speaks English very well.

For a family who only knows two Japanese words (arigato and sumimasen) - Nobu made our stay something so enjoyable and easy for me.

I rarely write reviews - but this one is totally WORTH IT. HIGHLY RECOMMEND


Dear Nobuaki-san, 

Thank you for the tour yesterday.
We enjoyed our experience and your company very much.
I have posted a review like I promised. Best regards.
If we come back to the city, we will look to book with you again to visit the other sites which we did not get to yesterday. 


Wonderful Visit in Kyoto with Nobu

We booked a private tour a family of 4. Nobu greeted us at the station with a sign like a Limo driver.
He took us a tour through Kyoto based on an itinerary of our choosing, which included:
Fushimi Shrine, Kinkakujo, Nishiki Market, Gion (where we happened to see an apprentice Geisha (not a tourist dressed up like one), as well as a very serene less known and way less crowded Buddhist temple.
He also knows where to take the best pictures for each attraction.
He spoke great English and has a great sense of humor.
Even though I speak Japanese, my family does not. So he was perfect.
He is also a licensed tour guide by the central government.

So he is very knowledgeable about the city and the surrounding attractions, as well as the entire history and culture of Japan.
We would highly recommend this tour for anyone, especially if you are considering a tour for your small group.
For us, it was more economical than booking a bus tour for a family of 4. And we got our own personal driver and tour guide, customized to our needs.
            From Mr. Masaaki Uchida


“Kyoto Tour with Nobu was our Japan Highlight”

Mr. Nobu Nagata with his email. Set up a six hour tour where Nobu met us at the Kyoto Train Station platform with our name on a sign outside our train door.

He showed us where to obtain the famous train station Ekiben Bento lunch boxes for our return trip back to Tokyo.

We had given him a list of sites we would like to see and he worked with us for finalizing what would be realistic for the busy day's traffic.

We visited first Tenryu-ji Temple complex which lead to the Arishiyama Bamboo Forest. He provided a folding wheel chair for our 83 year old mother in law. We next saw the Kinkaku-ji Golden Pavilion complex, Chiskaku-in Temple complex - Kodo Hall painted gold panels and garden, and lastly, Tofuku-ji Temple complex and South Zen Garden.

His mini-van fit our group of 5 really well, and he helped with information as we drove throughout Kyoto.

He is very good at providing places to see or making your list of places to visit a reality.

Mr. Nobu Nagata made Kyoto one of our favorite places to visit while in Japan.

We paid less than half for a much better experience, had we arranged the online tour groups with busses who take you where they have chosen.

We had nominal fees of 400 - 500 yen per person to enter each Temple complex location.

We also paid for Nobu's parking fee only a couple times.

He dropped us off back at the Kyoto Train Station with time to spare for our Green Car trip back to Tokyo.

Very little stress all day. Thank you Nobu.

                From Mr. Chris Herbert.


Dear Mr. Nobu Nagata-san

Thanks again for your helping our family group to see Kyoto for the time we had in Japan.

Kyoto was our favorite highlight for our few days spent in Japan.

We enjoyed the Holland America Cruise from Yokohama and in visiting Muroran, Kushiro and our days at sea visiting Alaska down to Vancouver.

These our some of my favorite photos taken of our Kyoto tour with you.


“Wonderful tour in Kyoto!”

We recently traveled to Japan as a couple with our grown children and their significant others.

We booked a full day private tour of Kyoto;

Nobuaki Nagata was our guide. Nobu was very responsive right from the start.

After requesting a reservation by email, we heard back immediately, pricing was transparent and an itinerary was suggested.

Our reservation was confirmed the day before our tour and Nobu arrived promptly at 8am.

He had a very comfortable van that accommodated all 6 of us very nicely and we were able to visit many more sights in the course of one day than we ever would have been able to do on our own.

Nobu was very knowledgeable, pointing out things to make the shrines and temples even more meaningful.

He also had a very positive spirit and exhibited a great sense of humor throughout the day.

At the end of the tour, we asked for a lunch recommendation close to our hotel.

He called ahead to ensure the restaurant could accommodate us and dropped us off at the door.

We had a wonderful day and highly recommend Nabu and his services.

        From Ms. Janet Barbiarz, 


“Excellent tour with Nobu!”

We spent two days travelling around Kyoto and Nara with Nobu.

He was courteous, informative and personable and quickly established that we preferred visiting quieter areas rather than hitting up all of the tourist sites.

Nobu personalized our day to ensure we maximized the time

and would take us to temples and shrines off the main tourist stretch which were equally as beautiful and with immense historical value.

Similarly, when we briefly mentioned our desire to see real geishas, he quickly adjusted his route to drive us around Gion (and nearby areas) to be flexible to our needs.

Nobu's recommendations for places to eat were also top quality with reasonable prices and he always ensured that all aspects of my family's requests were provided for.

Thank you Nobu for such a great time touring the region!

                                                   From Tessa Kong-san


Dear Tessa Kong-san,
Thank you very much for your approval to put your great review on my own website.
It is definitely useful for my own business.
Best Regards,
Nobuaki Nagata


Nobu as our tour guide was the best thing for Kyoto
We spent the entire day with Nobu.
9 hours of touring. 7 am to 4.
It was enough time to see nearly all the key sites of Kyoto and really the only way to accomplish that with a car and Nobu’s insight into where to go when.
Nobu was also amazing at explaining the history and keeping my 12 year old twins occupied during the entire time with interesting insights.
Fantastic guide and someone we would recommend to all future travelers.
           From Mr. David Ismailer


“Beat idea for seeing the best sites in Kyoto!”

We had Nobu as our guide in Kyoto and it was the best thing we could have done.

We had a small window to see the sights on a day trip up from Tokyo and this was efficient and so informative.

He knew where to park and what to do everywhere we went.

I can’t imagine trying to get around without him.

Having him walk with us at the sights and even take pictures for us was just perfect.

I couldn’t recommend this tour service more.

Thanks Nobu for the perfect day in Kyoto!

      From Ms. Elizabeth Adamack


Wonderful tour with Nobu”

We loved our private tour with tour guide Nobu who has a wonderful sense of humour and made the tour lots of fun.

Nobu speaks excellent English and tailored the tour to suit our needs as my father-in-law uses a wheel chair.-

We still got to see the major sights and he had great tips (like where to take the best photos) and great knowledge on the sights and Japan.

He was so helpful and accommodating.

He organized a wonderful Japanese lunch.

The six hours flew.

I don’t normally do tours but as we were traveling with parents, we thought it would be a good idea.

So glad we did as the sights in Kyoto are quite spread out.

We did another tour in Tokyo with different company and it was no way near as good as the tour with Nobu who is a qualified tour guide.

I would highly recommend.

            From Ms. Lizz Reay


 We did a full day tour with Nobuaki Nagata in Kyoto in March, 2018 and we couldn
t have been more pleased.  He picked us up at the port in Kobe, drove to Kyoto for the day and returned us to the ship that evening.   

 We had been to Kyoto several times before, so we asked to go to places that he would recommend that were not the usual tourist spots (all of which are wonderful as well) and we were not disappointed.  Everything we saw and did was wonderful, his English is very good, his vehicle is very clean and well cared for and his driving is very safe. 

 We could not have asked for a better day and we will certainly contact him again if we are back in Kyoto.  He is also very good at confirming everything by email in a very timely manner. 

 We would absolutely recommend Mr. Nagata as your tour guide in Kyoto. 

Diane Peets


Beyond our wildest expectations! Perfect, private tour of Kyoto with Nobu.

I contacted Nagata (Nobu).  For months prior to our arrival I worked with Nobu to set an itinerary that would ensure we'd see everything my husband and I wanted in the amazingly beautiful city of Kyoto.

We were on a tour (that started three days later) so it was important to NOT duplicate any of the things we'd see on the tour.

Nobu put together a perfect itinerary ensuring we'd see everything we wanted, but also finding surprises that aligned with our preferences and interests.

I didn't want to deal with other forms of transportation (after a long trip from California) so we arranged for Nobu to pick us up at the airport and tour us for three days.

Even on our way into Kyoto the first night he showed us the Gion (Geisha) district and we saw a beautiful geisha (a rare treat!).

We met for the next tow days -- and they were unbelievable.

Nobu could answer all of our questions, brought sites to life with history and contemporary information.

And when he found out we loved the quiet of temples he took us to two that had NO people in them.

They were favorites of his and ended up being our favorites, too.

He knew when to arrive to beat the crowds and guided us to places within each sight where we could take the best pictures, have the best views and avoid the larger tour groups.

Seeing the cherry blossoms was at the top of my list, but by the time we arrived many had dropped their petals.

Nobu worked hard to find the places where there were late-blooming trees (including taking us to a landscape garden where there were some of the most beautiful cherry blossom trees).

Nobu was kind, thoughtful, gracious and truly one of the best guides we have had in all of our years of travel.

He takes amazing pride in his work and care in meeting (and exceeding) his client's expectations.

He even found reasonably priced restaurants near our hotel, took the initiative to book us reservations and the food was spectacular (for a fraction of what the hotel recommendations charges -- and so much more authentic).

He has a very spacious and comfortable touring van (brand new) and drives with great caution and care.

We HIGHLY recommend Nobu if you are going to Kyoto and want to see both the top sights and some off the beaten path.

Your memories will be imprinted by his kind, generous, warm care and guidance.

Be sure to book him early!

     From Ms. Stacey Paynter


This review is for Nobuaki Nagata. My girlfriend and I were touring Japan for the first time in December 2016 and Kyoto was our first stop.

Given the thousands of sites and only being in Kyoto for a few days, we thought a private tour was the optimal choice to be efficient with our time and get the most of our experience.

We did a day tour (6 hours) with Mr. Nagata on our first day. We highly recommend Mr. Nagata.

From the moment we started emailing Mr. Nagata about our trip, we were in good hands.

He was very polite, prompt, and detailed with initial emails.

He proposed a day of sites for the tour and also recommended sites for our second and third day to do on our own.

Mr. Nagata arrived early, was extremely professional, and has a very comfortable car.

He really takes the stress out of trying to figure out where to go, how to get there, what's the most important things to see, etc.

We saw the main attractions but even off the beaten path sites which were some of my favorite. 

Above all, Mr. Nagata is such an honorable man. He practices excellence in everything he does and you can sense his passion for the job.

He is a government certified tour guide and while he is constantly booked, when he does have free time, he spends it visiting new sites and learning more to further perfect his craft. His hard work and passion even gave me motivation for my own life and job.

He also has a great sense of humor and it was fun to converse with him.

While we only spent a day with Mr. Nagata, by the end of the tour, we felt like he was a long time friend and we instantly missed him when we parted ways.

While seeing sites is important, I appreciated the little things and spontaneous moments a personal tour with Mr. Nagata provided, such as my favorite moment when we were in a small temple and he was sitting cross-legged in his suit with such flexibility and teaching us a few things about zen meditation.

He also gave us restaurant recommendations and told us the best time and place to see geisha (we saw 10!). 

While we only did a day tour, you could easily book additional time/days with him. I have never written a review before, but felt so compelled to as Mr. Nagata's excellence should be recognized and appreciated. I recommend emailing Mr. Nagata as soon as you know your trip details as he books up quickly.

From Mr. Marcos Garcia.   


Dear Mr. Marcos Garcia,


Thank you very much for your great review.

I was surprised your review, it is really beyond my expectations.

Your review is surely helpful for my business.


I really appreciate your kind approval to put your wonderful review on my website as your testimonial.


I hope I will be able to meet you again in the near future.

Please give my best regards to your beautiful girlfriend.


Sincerely Regards,

Nobuaki Nagata



Dear Nobu-san,

 Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful city today.
 We both had a great time! Thinking back, our favourites were the former emperors' living place at the Ninna-ji temple, and learning about the blending of many religions into Japanese Buddhism. But it is very hard to pick as so much of what you showed us was simply incredible (the bullet marks and archery competition also come to mind).
 Your kindness and knowledge were admirable, and it was our pleasure to spend the day learning from you. We would be happy to write a testimonial for your website! Thanks again and take good care,

Ray and Marjorie Bombeo


Dear Nobu-san,

 Now that we've returned to Tokyo and I finally have a bit of time to rest and reflect, I am very grateful that it is the magnificent day spent in your company that is freshest in my mind; we certainly saved the best for last.
 Although our time in Kyoto up until your tour was great deal of fun--if in a slightly haphazard kind of way--I couldn't help but feel a lingering sense that maybe we'd missed out on some of Kyoto's profound depth. After your tour, these worries were put to rest.
 Your knowledge of Japanese culture bridged painting, literary, culinary, and religious traditions which expand over a millennium or more. Suffice it to say that you are the only taxi driver I've ever had who could both recite poetry, teach meditation, and recommend good sake! For those looking for a custom-tailored and comprehensive Kyoto experience, I can't recommend Mr. Nagata enough.

Best wishes,
Elliot Wright


Dear Nagata-san,

 Visiting Kyoto, my guide for the whole day was Mr. Nagata. It was an extraordinary experience for me to spend this time with him, profiting from his deep knowledge about the cultural treasures in the city. We visited the main places, among them the Nijo Castle of the Shoguns, the Golden Pavilion and the Ryoanji temple and garden. Mr. Nagata gave me abundant information about all these buildings and their history and background. I learned a lot about Japanese history and thinking, about Shintoism and Buddhism in this country. An extraordinary part of this day was the visit of one temple with interesting paintings and the visit of the Sanjusangen-do Buddhist site. We had also very good talks and an exchange about the cultural heritage.
 Mr. Nagata had his car in excellent shape, he drove in a cautious and comfortable manner. He was very much engaged and answered to all my questions and wishes. I can recommend Mr. Nagata warmly for his knowledge and highly professional performance.

Arnd Bäucker, Corporate Communication, Bosch


 We had the pleasure of having Mr. Nobu Nagata as a guide in Kyoto, Japan.  We have traveled all over the world and utilized guides in every country.  Mr. Nobu Nagata is one of the best and most informative guides we have ever had,  He is knowledgeable and informative and shared the essence  of the culture as well as the  points of interest in Kyoto.   He has a wonderful sense of humor as well as an an esthetic  sense  that that he imparts.  He is truly a find for anyone who wants to experience the best of Kyoto. We will always remember and cherish our trip because of Nobu.

Patricia Driscoll



 I wish to drop you this quick email to thank you for a totally enjoyable tour of Kyoto. While I have been there before, your tour was most excellent and memorable. Your English ability is very good, and I cannot think of any moment during our tour where I was confused or failed to understand your point. My French manager was very impressed with not only the beauty and culture of Kyoto, but also your performance as a certified guide.

 While my time in Japan is now very short, I have passed on your business card to my manager with a very warm recommendation for your service in the future. My company is totally international, and there will be future visits by others with no previous touch of the Nippon Culture. My wish is that he will reach out to you to be the “Kyoto Ambassador” in the future.

 Please feel free to use this email as reference for others who may consider your excellent service.


Training School Project Manager

Operational Division




Dear Nobu,
Thank you for your good recommendation.
As my partner and I only had a short time in Kyoto we decided to hire a guide. We gave a summary in advance of the places we wanted to see and allowed Nobu San to make the best agenda. We had asked for Sake tasting, which he was not familiar with, but he researched this and returned with a wonderful recommendation that we would highly recommend for anyone to add to their visit. The brewery was 15 generation family run and they spoke perfect English. The grandfather was so pleased to have visited and was highly engaging.
My dearest Nobu 
Thank you so very much for such a wonderful - truly amazing - day today in Kyoto. You were the most incredible host and we cannot thank you enough for your kindness, knowledge and thoughtfulness in our day in Kyoto. We absolutely loved every moment.
I would like to highly recommend you to Mr Machi and would also like to rate you 10/10 on trip advisor! 
With our kindest regards
Mr. M( travel agent)

Hi Nagata san,
 I hope you are well and experiencing some warmer weather!  I received some wonderful feedback from Ms.R that I wanted to pass along to you.

 "Our guide in Kyoto, Nobu Nagata was first rate. He was very energetic and assertive and took us all around to many sights we would never have known of or seen without him. He showed us how to pray in the Buddhist temples, took us to all kinds of beautiful sights with cherry blossoms that no one else knew about, and told us all about the palaces and shrines. He was very cheerful, fun, and energetic."

 As always, I greatly appreciate the fantastic work ethic you uphold and the experience you give to our clients.

Mr. and Ms. B

 Thank you for making our visit to Kyoto so enjoyable.  We cannot predict the weather.  I think we tried our best even though we did get soaked.  You will always remember us because of the weather.  I will be in touch with anyone I may know that may be inteested in traveling to Kyoto.  In fact, I let Bobbie know.  I will also give your name to our friend, who is a travel agent.



Dear Nobu san,

 Thank you very much for another very good tour.
 We all enjoyed the tour and had a great time in Kyoto.I will let you know if I end up taking any more customers to Kyoto as I have been very happy with the results on both occasions I have had  tours with you.


Mr. B

Dear Mr. Nagata,

 Thank you for serving as our guide and mentor during our recent visit to Kyoto!  We had a wonderful time and your skills exceeded our expectations on every dimension.  You have an impressive knowledge of Japanese history and culture, your language skills are excellent, you have a beautiful and comfortable car, and (most importantly) your humor and hospitality made our family feel very welcome! 
 My children commented on how much they enjoyed your explanations, which greatly enhanced their understanding of the various cultural sights we visited.  Lunch was also a real treat for everyone.

Thanks again for a very special day of sightseeing!


Mr. and Ms. R

Good evening Nagata,

 We enjoyed our tour very much, especially getting to see some of the areas and places that we would not see by ourselves. We will certainly recommend you to any of our friends who may travel to Kyoto, and I'm sure we will return ourselves in a few years of time as we are enjoying Japan immensely. 

Many thanks for your professional, friendly and knowledgable time today

 Now this is a month since you were my guide in Kyoto on July 23rd. Looking back, this was one of the highlights of my trip to Japan. I learned much and I saw many new things. Your explanations and informations in general gave me insight, I think, in the fascinating world of Japanese buddhism and shintoism. There is still much to remember and to think for me, looking back to this day in Kyoto. Very moving was the story of the young painter you told me, and also these moments in Ryoanji garden and in the Sanjusangen-do temple.
 So today I just want to say once again thank you to you, thank you for everything. I will always remember your guidance. I got imperssions and ideas about Japanese culture and thinking which made me interested in learning more someday later.
 Best regards!
 Thank you again for the wonderful tour yesterday!
 Max was totally excited about the stories and details you provided, and I also learned a lot I didn't know before!
 I also gave your card to the Concierge at the Ritz Carlton hotel with the highest praise and recommendations of your services. We wish you all the best and especially more people to come again to Kyoto, which I think is one of the most spiritual places o Earth.
  Kindest regards.
永田 信昭 様






 今回は桜限定という希望でしたので、遠くまでわざわざ下見に行って頂きまして申し訳ありませんでした。主人共々、いつもながらたいへん満足しております。 永田さんには毎回感謝の一言です。ありがとうございます。今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。 





 二人とも車椅子でこんなに楽しく京都観光できるとは期待してなかったようで、非常 に喜んでおりました。
 今回は、いろいろご無理をさせてしまい申し訳ございませんでした。 腰の方はいかがでしょうか? 今回は、本当に永田様にお願いできてラッキーでした。
 また機会ありましたら、よろしくお願い致します。 ありがとうございました。

 業務が立て込んでいたため、お礼が遅くなり、すみませんでした。 またの機会がございましたら、ぜひまたよろしくお願い致します。

永田様の英語での観光案内はとても素晴らしいもので、ちょっとした時の言い回しもとても勉強になりましたし、 私も一生懸命英語を勉強する必要性を強く感じました。
 また、ドイツのお客様は私の方にも素晴らしい観光だったと仰って頂きました。 ハンディクラフトセンター後の祇園界隈での時間がとてもよかったとのことです。
 これも偏に永田様に機転を利かしたご提案を頂いたことによるものです。 ありがとうございました。
 たった1日だけではございましたが、車中、各名所でのお話と説明、 永田様の博識の深さに、通り一遍だった今までの京都旅行が180度 転回した思いです。 更に身勝手な買い物にも便宜をお計らいいただき、誠にありがとうございました。 同行の母親も、1週間近くたった今も、折に触れ、状況を楽しく 思い出している様子です。
 季節を変えて更に奥深い京都旅行を計画したいと存じます。 タイミングの問題がありますが、ぜひまた、永田様にお願いできればと思います。
 永田様の豊富な知識、気配りの行き届いた案内、 穏やかな人柄に、お客様も大変満足されており、 また私個人と致しましても、楽しむことができました。 何卒今後とも宜しくお願い申し上げます。
 今回、永田さんにガイドをお願いできて本当にラッキーでした。「京都はじめて人間」が3人もいましたが(いえ、京都経験者も含め)、 この旅は我々の忘れられない思い出として、しっかりとそれぞれの記憶にインプットされました。